John’s diverse clinical experience extends across the spectrum of presenting conditions, including anxiety and stress, depression, relationship problems, work-related problems, crisis management, trauma, and disability.  His approach to treatment is to bring about a shared understanding of problems, to proceed collaboratively on agreed outcomes, and to work in accordance with sound psychological principles.

John has worked for many organisations in New South Wales and previously in WA in areas of community health, acute mental health, and justice services.  He has also worked for several years in the UK National Health Service, as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.  John has delivered lectures and contributed to many undergraduate and postgraduate training programs.  He has maintained an active position in treatment services at Macquarie University for over a decade. 

John has established his reputation in the field of medicolegal assessment over many years.  He has conducted many hundreds of criminal assessments at the request of solicitors appearing in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of NSW.  He is also regularly called upon for his opinions in the fields of personal injury, immigration, work-related injury, and victims of crime.

John has served for 4 years with the Australian Psychological Society, Sydney Branch, which caters to the professional development and representational needs of the psychology community.